CFO to the trade sector

David Maher

Director | Right Brain Insights

"Hi", my name is David & I am the director of Right Brain Insights. I founded the company back in 2012. I'm in my early-mid 30's & married. No kids yet. Aside from RBI, I lecture in Design in Business, & sit on the board of advisors to the school of Economics, Finance & Marketing at RMIT University.

I graduated in 2006 from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Business, Economics & Finance, so I am technically an Economist by training. Prior to starting RBI I worked professionally as a economist & financial analyst in property, banker to those with $100M in cash, deckhand on a superyacht (long-story...), & financial director in the advertising industry.

My father was a plumber & I grew up helping him during school holidays & university breaks putting on roofs, digging sewer trenches & other fun things. Photos of those times below.

Why I Do What I Do?

So many trade entrepreneurs struggle with the financial side of things. They struggle in silence. They want to do great work, provide for their family, & build their business. As a child I saw my father battle with his business. While being an amazing plumber, I know cash flow kept him awake at night.

There was nobody to help him. RBI is the personification of what that ‘help’ should have been; proactively planning & driving financial performance & cash flow, so he could do what he did best.

Cash flow can break people & ruin families. In 2014, a competitor of a client, ended his life because the work my client had just won, was the last thing preventing the taxman from taking his home. He had 3 children.