CFO to the trade sector

CFO to trade entrepreneurs

Helping the masters of their trade, master their cash flow



Right Brain who?

Right Brain Insights (RBI) is a financial consultancy for family owned trade businesses willing to invest in higher performance. Our clients are looking for improved financial performance & sustainable growth.

We offer a performance based approach to financial management that provides critical insights to inform decision making. Unlike compliance based accountants & bookkeepers.



What RBI does?

For trade business owners grappling with cash flow, RBI is entrusted to deliver financial control, performance & growth.

Better data, informs better decisions. Better decisions = better results.

Our process turns Xero accounting data into a performance & cash flow plan. Insights found by comparing actual vs. planned results inform critical decisions. We then guide implementation of decisions & review impact.

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“Not like your accountant, & definitely not like your banker!”

Jane le grove. landscaper & Director, Le Grove Landscaping (Perth)